Werk for the perks


Hey FORM Fam, we're here to help y'all live your best life.
Set your goals for each week and rack up these PERKS!

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3 Classes/Week
10% Off Next Purchase

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4 Classes/Week
1 Free Class for You or to Share with a Friend

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5+ Classes/Week
1 Raffle Entry for the Grand Prize Giveaway



One-Month Unlimited + Private Party for YOU & NINE Friends
(Value of $619!!!!)




Attend at least 3 classes a week to start earning! Classes will reset each week so get a FRESH start every Monday.
If you attend 5+ classes one week, you are eligible for all 3 PERKS! 4 classes one week will earn the first two PERKS.

Set your GOALS, plan your week, and get those PERKS!!

You will receive your PERKS via email the following Monday of each week.
Perks are valid 30 days post-challenge. Perks cannot be combined with current series.

Weeks will run as follows:
Mon 8/26 - Sun 9/1
Mon 9/2 - Sun 9/8
Mon 9/9 - Sun 9/15
Mon 9/16 - Sun 9/23