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Welcome to the world of Lagree! Get pumped. We know you’re in it to win it. Or to just check things out – whatever floats your boat.

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This is so much more than just traditional pilates. Here’s what to expect before, during and after your first time:

What to expect, lagree method, pilates, before

YAY! You’re signed up. Here’s what you need to know: you’re going to sweat and shake. Please wear comfy workout clothes to be able to stretch and bend with ease.

Second, sticky socks are required while on the Megaformer machine! If you don’t have any, we sell super cool ones at the studio. You can also find them at any sports equipment store.

Staying hydrated is incredibly important! Make sure to bring plenty of water. If you forget, we do offer bottled water.

Aim to arrive 15 minutes early so that our instructor can show you around and explain the Megaformer before class. Parking is available in the fenced area behind the studio. You can find the parking map in our FAQs.

What to expect, lagree method, pilates, during

With new lingo and moves, there’s a lot to take in! You’re fine – we promise. Everyone did their first class at one point. Our instructors are Lagree-certified and are trained to spot problem positions if feel like you aren’t doing things right, you’re in good hands. Our instructions are fast-paced but on a slow 4-6 count in the movements – so keep your ears open and your mind on the prize. We encourage you to listen to your body, so feel free to take a pause when you need it.

Our classes are a great time for you to remove yourself from your busy schedule and focus on yourself. We ask you to leave your cell phones in the storage areas.

At the end of the 45 minute workout, give yourself a round of applause and treat yourself to a complimentary cold towel. You’ll also be handed a FORM pink $5 bill to place into a donation box. Check out more details about our Giving Back mission.

What to expect, lagree method, pilates, after

The next day you will feel tighter, but not overly sore like in other workouts. It's different. It's an overall tightness after just one workout. When you see your body change in ways no other workout has done, you will come back for more and more. Even if you've never been a "workout" person. This workout will change your mind. You will actually start looking forward to working out and meet new friends along the way.

Don’t forget to make time to stretch – your body will thank you later. Also don't be afraid to ask the instructor for help with whatever you are confused about. We are here to help!