Full Name: Valerie Vuong
Nickname: Val
Houston, TX
Instagram Handle:

Val has always been into fitness. In high school, this chick swam competitively and in college, she found CrossFit. After her first FORM class, Val loved how much her muscles had worked (i.e. sore) and was ADDICTED.

How would you describe your instructor style?
I like to keep things up beat and challenging! Music up loud and all around shakes for everyone.

What are your goals as an instructor?
Each and every person to hit their goals, find a challenge for themselves during each movement/workout, and achieve advanced movements they never thought they'd make. I wanted to become an instructor to be able to guide people through workouts and share my love of fitness. So everyone can learn more about what works for them and their bodies.


Favorite person of influence?
My mom!

Favorite non-profit organization?
Loaves & Fishes

Favorite move on the mega-former?
Kneeling Side Crunch

Favorite thing to eat/drink after a workout?
Fitaid (and secretly french fries)

Playlist Preview
Check out some of Valerie’s favorite tunes: