Full Name: Lexe Burgamy
Chicago, IL
Instagram Handle:

Lexe has always had a passion for fitness. She played college volleyball and her mom had her own studio that was primarily focused on barre, pilates, strength training and TRX. Fitness has always been apart of her regimen. Lexe loves to switch up her workouts and try new things as often as she can. She fell in love with lagree a couple years ago and was hooked immediately. It is a serious addiction! What she loves most about lagree is it never gets easier, you get stronger.

What are your goals as an instructor?
My goal is to push you to your point of failure and come out of class feeling like a rockstar everytime.

What brought you to Houston?
I put my finger on a map and it’s where I ended up! If you want the full story, would love to share over a spicy margarita.


Favorite person of influence?
Tracy Anderson, my parents and Stevie Nicks

Favorite non-profit organization?
Mile High Lab Mission and Candlelighters

Favorite move on the mega-former?
King and Queen Cobra and anything arms!

Favorite thing to eat/drink after a workout?