Full Name: Franky Wallace
Galveston, TX
Instagram Handle:

Franky has done cheerleading from middle school to college! She was spinning at least 5 times a week and lifting at least 3 times per week. She heard Lagree would help with getting them long lean muscles, and after her first class, she was sore in places she’s never been before. Franky knew FORM was her calling once she realized how challenging yet rewarding Lagree can be.

How would you describe your instructor style?
To make client's sweat by pushing them to their limits. My goal is to keep learning and creating new, fun, and challenging routines. I became an instructor to teach others something I am passionate about. I love seeing my body change and working out. Being able to see others reach their goal is the ultimate reward.

What are your goals as an instructor?
My goals are just to help my clients feel good about themselves and in doing so they are also taking care of their bodies and minds.

What brought you to Houston?
School! I graduated from UH and was a cheerleader there!


Favorite person of influence?
My mom, Beyonce and RBG

Favorite non-profit organization?
Houston SPCA

Favorite move on the mega-former?
Reverse Tailbone Angel

Favorite thing to eat/drink after a workout?
A lean meat with a veggie – more specifically, the Citrus Glazed Salmon with Brussel Sprouts from Dish Society

Playlist Preview
Check out some of Franky’s favorite tunes: