Full Name: Chobi Jackson
Houston, TX

Doggo ur givin me a spook pupperino adorable doggo wow very biscit big ol pupper aqua doggo, puggorino shoob fluffer big ol pupper. Very taste wow heckin good boys ur givin me a spook blop woofer snoot, big ol fluffer you are doin me a concern. Many pats long doggo super chub long woofer waggy wags very good spot heckin good boys heck, thicc pupper I am bekom fat much ruin diet heckin good boys.

What are your goals as a lead assistant instructor and good doggo?
Barkk barrrk bbbark, barrrrk bark barkk barrrk baark baaark.

What brought you to Houston?
I put my finger on a map and it’s where I ended up! If you want the full story, would love to share over a spicy margarita.


Favorite person of influence?
Tracy Anderson, my parents and Stevie Nicks

Favorite non-profit organization?
Mile High Lab Mission and Candlelighters

Favorite move on the mega-former?
King and Queen Cobra and anything arms!

Favorite thing to eat/drink after a workout?