Full Name: Amelia Viteri
Houston, TX
Instagram Handle:

Amelia has a background as a yoga instructor and finds joy in doing athletic conditioning workouts! She started with FORM by doing morning workouts before meetings and knew she wanted to an instructor after hearing about FORM’s mission.

How would you describe your instructor style?
Fun! I think it’s most important to go out and have a good time while you’re working out. Make it enjoyable!

What are your goals as an instructor?
My goals are just to help my clients feel good about themselves and in doing so they are also taking care of their bodies and minds.


Favorite person of influence?
Stevie Nicks

Favorite non-profit organization?
Hatch Youth

Favorite move on the mega-former?
Mega Donkey Kicks

Favorite thing to eat/drink after a workout?

Playlist Preview
Check out some of Amelia’s favorite tunes: