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Our clients want to know more about you so fill this bad boy out and we’ll create an instructor profile for you on our site. Easy-peasy!

Quick Facts
We may (or may not) post these to your profile as little facts about ya.
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Who do you admire? This can be male or female, real or fictitious. (Think of the women in our $5 bill!)
What's a charity or non-profit organization that you admire or are involved with? (Doesn't have to be one that's featured at FORM currently!)
Your Bio
These questions are to guide us with writing a short bio about you, so please answer them all the best you can!
If you are, just ignore this question!
Example Playlist
We'd like to feature a little playlist on your profile. Please select six songs that fit the music you like to play during your class and post them below. You can just tell us the song name and artist, or post a link to it on Apple Music or Spotify!